Every five minutes

a child is
abused or neglected in North Carolina

        In about half of the cases, these children understand abuse before they learn to read.

         25-40 children die each year in North Carolina as a result of abuse.

         Almost all criminals report having been abused as children.

         More than 120,000 children are reported to authorities each year in our state.

         85% of the time the perpetrator of child abuse and neglect is a biological parent.

         Parents who were abused as children are six times more likely to abuse their own kids.

         Abuse and neglect do not discriminate by social, economic or ethnic background.

Together, we can stop it.

We can stop child abuse. We know how.  Help us to protect North Carolinas kids by offering all parents in our state the option of receiving preventative services, either in their home or through community-based prevention efforts.

Working together for kids, families and communities

Effective child abuse prevention must be woven into the fabric of our communitiesinto the structure of our schools, hospitals, places of work, communities of faith, and day care facilities.  Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina is leading the effort to prevent abuse before it happens by developing family-oriented, community-based prevention, awareness, education, and training programs.

What's New?

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Prevent Child Abuse America's new public service advertising campaign, "A Child is Helpless - You Are Not."  View the tv spots online.


 PCANC's signature fundraiser will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2002 at 8 p.m. at Exploris in Raleigh.

Updated NC Child Abuse Statistics

Websites for Adults To Help Adolescents Cope with the Aftermath of September 11 and for Children To Learn About Afghanistan

Does Your Employer Participate in a Workplace Giving Campaign?

Training Calendar
(for professionals who work with children)

your Prevent Child Abuse informational materials.  New products added for 2002!

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina was founded in 1979 by a group of concerned citizens and is the single, statewide not-for-profit organization with the mission of ending child abuse in our state.  


Protect Children
....Prevent Child Abuse

If you would like more information about Prevent Child Abuse and how you can help contact us for details!

Prevention Works!

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