Ideas for Activities for Child Abuse Prevention Month


The Story Behind the Blue Ribbon

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina is a state chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America and part of a national prevention network. We began as an all-volunteer group of citizens who wanted to help North Carolina children by strengthening families through support and education. We have evolved into a statewide agency with a network of 25 affiliated agencies and over 800 volunteers working to prevent child abuse and neglect across the state. We advocate for programs and policies for children and families, provide workshops, trainings and an annual statewide conference, and work to heighten public awareness around child abuse and neglect and what each of us can do to prevent them. 

Perhaps the most visible part of what we do is the Blue Ribbon for Kids Campaign that takes place during April, Child Abuse Prevention Month.  

In the spring of 1989, Bonnie Finney, a Norfolk, Virginia grandmother took a stand against child abuse when she tied a blue ribbon to the antenna of her van. It was a signal to her community of her personal commitment to involve everyone in the battle against child abuse. 

This is Bonnies voice:

Its been so long since I sat by his side in the hospital. Of course, I knew something was wrong as I sat there. I saw fear on his face, the bruises on his body and the healing cigarette burns on his hands. I only had one child. She was a beautiful little girl. She was the light of our eyes. We knew she had entered into a stormy marriage, for we brought her home several times in the five years the marriage lasted. We suspected heavy use of drugs, but in those five years, three beautiful, healthy children had been born. I loved them dearly and they loved me. The children were 16 months, three years and four years old.

After the ordeal at the hospital, my grandson was placed in foster care for three weeks. He cried when they came to take him back to his mother. He told his foster mother, My mamma dont love me, and he begged to stay. I ached for his dilemma. But I was not physically able to care for him and the courts seemed to believe that home was the best place for him. I knew better and I told them so, but I was overruled. My instinct as a grandmother was not taken into account. I never saw Bubba again.

When the little girl, my 16-month-old granddaughter, was hospitalized from a severe beating -- her leg broken in four places and her hand burned from the tip of her little finger to her wrist they decided to start looking for Bubba. We learned that he had been killed, wrapped in a sheet, stuffed in a box and dumped into the Dismal Swamp three months earlier.

My life turned into physical and mental chaos. My efforts to understand became a plea to stop child abuse. I tied a blue ribbon on my van antenna to make people wonder. Why blue? I intend never to forget the battered, bruised bodies of my grandchildren. Blue serves as a constant reminder to me to fight for protection of our children.

Join with Bonnie. Join with me. Please wear the blue ribbon and tell people what its about. Tell them that we can protect children if we work together.

Ideas for Activities for Child Abuse Prevention Month

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Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina was founded in 1979 by a group of concerned citizens and is the single, statewide not-for-profit organization with the mission of ending child abuse in our state.  
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