This list is provided on behalf of the North Carolina Pediatric Poison Prevention Project, which recently kicked off a yearlong campaign under the theme ďStop Childhood PoisoningÖBecause You Can.Ē¬†


Use this checklist to poison-proof your home and "Stop Childhood Poisoning ....Because You Can."

No household products, such as cleaning and dishwashing products and drain cleaners, under the sink.
No medicines on counters or in open areas.
All medications out of reach and out of sight.
Child safety latches on all drawers or cabinets containing harmful products or sharp objects.
No toxic products stored with food or in food containers.

All medications, cosmetics, hair care products, mouthwash and cleaners out of reach.
Medicine storage area cleaned out regularly, old medicines flushed down the toilet.
All medications in original, child-resistant containers.

No medicines in or on dresser or bedside table.
All cologne, aftershave, cosmetics and powders out of reach.

Laundry Area
All bleaches, soaps, detergents, fabric softeners and sprays out of reach.
All products in their original containers.  

Insect sprays and lawn care products in locked area.
Gasoline and car care products in secured area or locked trunk.
Paint, paint cleaners and other home-care products in locked area.
All products in their original containers.  

General Household
Storage area for medication and other products is a locked cabinet located up high.
Plants identified and out of reach.
Alcoholic beverages out of reach.
Ashtrays empty and out of reach.
Paint in good condition Ė no chipping or peeling.
No mouse baits in areas where children play.

In case of poisoning, call the Carolinas Poison Center at 1-800-848-6946.  

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